Rub past the shrub

Hello everyone, linked below is my first game. I tried to make an infinite game without moving the background but rather moving the objects so that the player perceives a moving background. Any suggestions/feedback (negative or positive) are very much welcome.

Rub Past The Scrub

Thank you.
EDIT: Changed the link. It’s a very basic game, please don’t hope much out of it :’)

404 error, page not found. Maybe still uploading :thinking:

same here, i guess the url is worng

Ohh, wait I’ll try again, thanks for notifying @Phenomena and @xisco

@Phenomena, @xisco, fixed it. Was not working on, sorry for the inconvenience.

Nice! :smiley:

I would add:

  1. Brief instructions about how to move and if anything else should be avoided (i.e., the yellow lines?)
  2. A reset button or configure a key press to start over

remminds me of out run game :sunglasses:

@Phenomena Done. Anything else?

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Much better! :sunglasses: Nothing else unless you have other ideas :slight_smile:

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Hey @Phenomena, I made a tutorial on the same game, it’d be great if you could check it out. Here’s the link: Thank you.

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Very nice and detailed! :smiley: :+1:

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hi, good job!!, this will help a lot of people :sunglasses:

Hey @xisco @Phenomena is there anything you feel that’s missing in the tutorial?
I’d like to add a link to it in the Tutorials page but I want to make sure that it doesn’t misguide or confuse the readers.

hi, I think it is good, maybe you could add a link to the game so they can see it in action. It is very detailed, good work!!.
One suggestion for the game, maybe the sprite of the car could be a bit smaller?? and what about personalizing the collision mask?? as the tree is round sometimes the car explodes without touching.

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  1. I can add a link to the game, but I guess, the link works only for a few days.
  2. Yes, I agree that the sprite of the car could have been smaller, but making the sprite smaller, might make the game a bit too easy, and reducing the car size and increasing the tree size, might make it too hard.
  3. I tried to alter the collision mask but couldn’t (I am a beginner and haven’t used GDevelop extensively yet), but I’m trying to do it on my own and will update you if I’m successful in doing so, or need any help regarding the same.
    Thank you.

ooopss! didn’t know the game is hosted for a few days.
For the collision mask it is easy, edit the object, in Properties tab, go down, you will see Edit HITBOXES
Then use a custom mask

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Hey, thanks a lot.
I used collision mask in the game, and now the results are much better. But I guess, that it won’t be feasible for the tutorial to explain it. What I plan on doing is to guide the users interested in this feature to the page on collision mask (I can’t find it, so I guess I’ll make that page first and then guide the users to that link). What do you think of it?

There are a lot of pages missing on wiki for gdevelop 5. It would be nice if you add it :slight_smile:

By the way, is there a page describing the Object Properties panel? Because, in that case, I can make a new section rather than making a new page.
Edit: Sorry, I forgot that the properties are different for different types of objects. Anyways, added Edit hitboxes and Edit points in the Sprite page.


Hello piyushpalawat99,
where can I download the tutorial assets ?

Thanks and regards,