Run GDevelop via server for working online via browser?

I’m an artist interested making a game. I mainly work on an iPad, but also have several PC’s that I buy used and rebuild for random purposes. My idea is to run GDevelop on a PC and connect to it on my IPad via the browser and have it use assets from the PC’s drive.

I see there is online version already, so hopping this wouldn’t be to hard to setup. I figure the online version is limited, hence my desire to take this route.

I often work on the go and this makes it so I don’t have to break my normal routine and I can still explore some ideas.


It’s not possible right now.
The idea of porting Gdevelop to android/ios is on the trello roadmap, but it would be basically a standalone app.

Update: OH, you mean running the full GDevelop editor application? Yeah, I don’t know if that’s possible. I mean, I don’t know if the online version is available as a download to deploy to your own web server. . . but maybe? The below that I wrote applies to the games - ie you develop on PC, but play the game through a browser on an iPad.

I think it is possible, actually? The thing is, you would have to understand how to setup a web server on your PC, yourself. If that’s something you are interested in, you can google “NginX” and “Apache”. Apache is sort of the grandfather of web servers. Pluses are that it has a lot of features and a large community of support. NginX is a bit simpler, and WAY faster from what I hear (although, if it’s just you playing the game during development, it won’t matter; but if you were going to have a bunch of other users playing too, eventually the speed difference between Apache and NginX might make a difference - but by the time you have that many players, you should be using professional cloud hosting, not hosting it on your home PC).

In GDevelop, there is an option to export your game to “web”. You would use that option, which will create a directory of your choosing that has the game and game engine, and IIRC, an “index.html” file, which is the main entry point for the game.

Once you have setup a web server, that web server will have some directory called the document root. You would then copy the game web export directory either as a sub-directory of the web root, or copy the contents of the directory where GDevelop exported the files, into the document root directly. Or, if your development PC is the same as your web server, you could have GDevelop export to web, directly into the document root folder or a sub-folder, so no copying needed.

Let’s say for example that you copy or export the game to a sub-directory of your web document root, called “MyAwesomeGame”.

Also, let’s say your PC is named MyPC. On your other computer or phone, you would open a browser and enter the address:


Note, you may have to open port 80 in the firewall software (e.g. Windows Firewall) on your PC that is running the web server. Also, it’s a bit technical, but if you feel inclined to wade through the documentation to do this, there is an online service called “LetsEncrypt”, which can help you get a free SSL/TLS encryption certificate and setup your webserver do encrypt all traffic. If you setup LetsEncrypt with Apache, you may also need to open port 443 on your firewall.

You can use GD from a tablet via web browser. I think is easier for you to have your assets available from a cloud storage.

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