Ruxby Demo

I thought I’d announce the game on here.
The game uses a fairly unique 3D looking system made with blender cycles render.
I hope you all enjoy the game demo and let me know what you think.
Details and description is below.

Congratulations on your new job as night guard at the theme park!
Well you’re guarding an old puppet theater that has been abandoned for
years, but still a nice job huh? Keep an eye out for ghosts or whatever
some say huant the place! Oh all we have for you is a flashlight so good luck!

Guard yourself from puppets until your shift is done using a mere flashlight.

Use the mouse to click on things.

The look and feel of the game is impressive. I can’t really decide if it want to be scary or funny though :laughing:
The atmosphere of the room and the sounds are scary and first time I thought it gonna be something serious but when these animals just jumps in to your face it hilarious :laughing:

My only problem with the game is that, I don’t really understand the rules.
So I need to use my flashlight to keep the ghosts and staff away from me, but can I actually win somehow?
The longest time I was able to “survive” is 5 almost 6am. But the problem is, after 3am these creatures are jump in to my face any moment really when the flashlight is off, I just can’t keep my flashlight on the door forever and as soon as it switched off the cat is jumping in to my face any moment and ask the question “Still want to play with us” :laughing:

To be honest, I do, but how?
There problem is, there is no sign of that it coming and we need to use the flashlight now it seems random to me…

I hope in the final game we are going to be able to go to different rooms of the building to follow a story, or do different tasks, while we need to dial with the ghosts and staff but the game need a clear and fun rule system gameplay to keep the ghosts away.

Well you can charge the flashlight by putting your mouse over the flashlight icon in the corner. You’ll hear a winding sound too. The way to beat the level is to click on the laptop and check if there near the doorway (CAM1) Or near the air vent (CAM2). Then shine the light at that until they leave. Then I’d charge the flashlight up so it won’t die.

Thanks for complementing how the game looks. I was trying to do a “Outside the box” idea, and I haven’t seen anything quite like it in Gdevelop yet. Looks 3D but isn’t quite 3D office kinda thing.

Oh I see :slight_smile: Now I was able to survive the first night :stuck_out_tongue:

Only few things that I would suggest to change:

  1. The computer is visible even when we look toward the door but to be able to use it we always
    need to look toward the computer first and then we can click on the computer…So I would suggest to be able to use the computer even if we are looking toward the door. How about that if we are looking toward the door and we click on the computer it could automatically turn toward the computer and then show the screen instead of we need to wait to look toward the computer and then click on the computer?

  2. Maybe it just me but I find it a bit slow to switch between cameras and exit the computer using the mouse. How about that if we would be able to use also the keyboard to switch between the cameras and exit? Maybe switch between the cameras using the numbers on the keyboard and exit using Escape key. Mouse could be still functional in case we have a touch screen device, but on a PC I would prefer using the keyboard.

Maybe it is by purpose to make the game challenging but in my case it was frustrating instead after some time and not challenging, the game should be challenging in a different way if can be. Need to do too many things, actually everything with a single mouse. Few things in my opinion can be replaced with keyboard.

Nice work! The atmosphere is immersive indeed!

Exactly what I was thinking too :laughing:

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

And the reason I had everything work with a mouse was because my original intentions were an android game.
But seeing as the 80MB game was running like crap I might try to keep it native, and do the keyboard idea.
Also perhaps a tutorial would be nice?

EDIT: Does HTML not support the number keys? Because they won’t do anything for me :frowning:

Yes a tutorial would be good. For the first few times I was like what is happening here? :confused: lol

Yeah a tutorial and a better help menu is of my main concern right now.
Also I still can’t get the number keys to work in HTML :frowning:
So maybe i’ll use the number pad for swapping cameras?
I’m also thinking about MiniGames to be unlockible.

Excuse for my double post please, and sorry I did it.
Anyways I finished a small update to the demo. (The full version will be very different though)
Here is the change log.
-New tutorial level-
-An extras menu-
-A bios menu to learn more about the characters-
-A new background to the help menu-

Enjoy and thank you for your support :slight_smile: