S.S.C: Rusted War - DEMO Now Available, Looking for Feedback

For the last several months, I’ve been creating a game that employs both combat and an ongoing story in the lore of a world I’ve been constructing in a series of novels.

I recently put out a demo which includes the first several story-beats and battles. Those who have tested the game so far have seemed to very much enjoy the gameplay, and I figured mentioning it here could help bring more attention to the game and allow me to receive feedback both positive and negative.

The demo can be downloaded HERE.

BEFORE YOU PLAY I’d recommend reading the game’s description and downloading the latest version of the demo. A save and load feature was recently implemented and hasn’t seen much use, so I’d appreciate testing it (and the rest of the game for that matter) for any potential bugs or game-breaking elements.


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I’ve tried it a couple of minutes but had to stop.
You should change the way you move to the next dialogue line, because I skipped many of them without meaning to, and there’s no going back.
Switching to “key released” should fix this.
Also, I tried all the keys of the keyboard and restarted the game before trying the mouse click. :sweat_smile:
And last, my keyboard is not qwerty so moving around is a mess.

If you can add arrow controls and change the dialogue trigger, I’ll gladly try it again :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback! The dialogue progression is tricky cause I’ve had just as many people have no problem with it as those who have. It may depend on your type of mouse or perhaps some people just hold down the left click longer than others.

I can definitely see what I can do about both issues in later versions, especially arrow controls.

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