S.S.C: Rusted War is a free to play action-adventure game made in GDevelop with a unique battle system, developing storyline, various minigames/side quests, and an explorable map among other things. Play as a fighter from out of town as he works to overthrow a shadowy organization and uncover a secretive plot.

Still some clunkiness here and there, but overall I’m incredibly happy with how this project turned out! I’d greatly appreciate your support! Enjoy!




This looks great! The writing seems really well done. Maybe I’m just horrible at games though but I couldn’t for the life of me do a single point of damage to the first guy you fight lol. I tried like 4 times hahah

Appreciate the feedback! Yeah, I’ve had different people play and everyone reacts a little differently. Eventually most find a groove with the battles and get used to the timing. The first few fights are also different than most since the moves are really slow and you have to time the shield a bit more carefully.

Dude I just watched the trailer and the game look’s really cool and like you put a lot of time into it on my way to play it right now.:grinning: