Santa, Penguin Hunter - game is out there


I’m working on my first game, just to try out GDevelop.
And I’m loving it. For me everything looks easy with GDevelop, and I never bumped into any limitations.

I want to learn game development, so every comment, idea & question about the game is appreciated!

You can find the game on
And on the google playstore: … guinhunter

:sunglasses: lessons learned: “create a big explosion and then: double it” :sunglasses:

Haha, poor penguins! :laughing:
Good job, simple but super-useful to learn for sure, the camera shake effect is great! :smiley:

Yo nice game,

there is a bug; not sure if it is intended but the gift boxes doesn’t explode after a certain amount, probably when I tested it was around 100+ times pressed it doesn’t kill the penguins anymore.

as for the animation, Santa doesn’t turn immediately when the movements are pressed.
Screenshot from 2019-01-15 17-22-08.png

Thanks Rikazu,

You’re right: it’s a bug. The collision event stops firing. Maybe it happens when a penguin hits 2 boxes at the same time.
I will look into that.

And I will check the movements of Santa. It’s also not intentional, he should react immediately.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Lizard-13,

I’m very happy with your feedback. I was going for the ‘aahh poor penguins’ feeling :smiley: .