Save all data in one storage and display to a web page

Okay now I see what you want. The problem is, first off for the game all users are equal.
Try your luck with UlisesFreita’s WowScores.

Yeah I will try WowScore. Thanks for your help and time jack. Appreciate it!

You create a php file and send a request to your game into WowScores then create an html to display the results of the request,

Read the docs on WOW Scores you always get a response in JSON then you can format as you like and put the data into a php and echo results mixed with HTML, maybe a responsive table.

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For some reason I can’t add a game?

Also, do they need to run the game and sign up into WOW Score in order to for their score to get submitted to the leader board? Because I want them to actually play my game and log into their accounts using my wordpress website. If that makes sense.

Hi, there is no need for your players to sign up into wowsores you just add the logic in your game to add|remove|update player and his/her score. Then the players just do what they do play the game.

The game logic must be something like:

In your main menu allow your players to pick some nickname or just generate one randomly. Make sure you store the player nickname in Storage through GDevelop.
Update that playername to wowscores and set the score to 0
The player start the game, play some level then his score is 20, on the end of that level, update the score of the player in wowscores.

If this is to advanced you can check it’s easy and there is no need for sign up