Save on computer not working

Hi, I changed from Stencyl to Gdevelop and although it´s a lot different and I have my trouble I really enjoy working with it but I have one big problem. No matter if I push the button “safe” or “safe as” on my Pc it somehow does not work correctly. My luck is that I safe a lot under different names but even with ~10 new backups every time sometimes my progress is set back to 20 steps below if I load something and I am very scared to loose something. I don´t get errors nor do I have problems. Sometimes not even my last safe will be opened automatically. It feels random and it is hard to check each little scene if all my small changes are implemented in the version currently loaded or if I am again set back to whoknowswhere and only the name is correct and new. Do others encounter the same problem? What should I do to ensure I have my current project saved? Thank you a lot for your help.
I am sorry if my english is weird I am from Germany but I do my best.

Welcome to Gdevelop and the forum.
The auto-save only runs when you start a preview, maybe that’s what makes it looks random.
I have never used auto-save (can be turned off in preferences) and just save it with Strg+S. I’ve never had a problem with it. After saving manually, wait a few seconds before closing GD.

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Thank you, I will try that. Maybe the closing was too fast.
Is there a feedback if you press Strg+S because I tried but was unsure if it works.

Yes, for me this message appears at the bottom for 3 seconds.

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Is your project saved on your computer or is it a cloud project?
In the second case, it might take up to 5s, depending on your internet connection.
Each time you save, you should see the feedback as mentioned by @jack. If that’s not the case, you might have a deeper issue.

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Thank you. My project is saved on my computer.
I couldn´t see the mentioned feedback in the beginning but I do now.
As I love digital painting Strg+S is one of my best friends and of course I tried that before.
I really don´t know what was wrong.
In the moment I work on some assets that´s why I didn´t open the project that much but I will do again soon.