Save the Penguins [GDevelop GameJam #1]


just wanted to share my game - Save the Penguins - which was a submission for the GDevelop GameJam #1 2022.


It is available as Windows Installation and playable in browser.

Enjoy the game and any feedback is appreciated.

I am thinkting about making a second penguin game with RTS elements…


Hi virtualjoruney, that’s a very cute concept, great idea and well done. And everyone loves penguins.

The normal penguin speed is quite slow, is there a reason why there’s two speeds? I didn’t realise at first that the dash (faster speed) icon represents the shift key. And only the left shift key works, not the right one.

I really wanted to build the igloo but didn’t finish as it seemed like it would take a very long time :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey Bubble,

thanks for playing and your feedback :slight_smile:

I thought two speeds might raise up the stress level of the player. You have to manage your stamina alongside other factors like the igloo state and the kids health.
I have missed to implement the right shift key, good point, thanks.

At the beginning you can choose between 5 min. play and 10 min. play. The game can be over after 5 min but it’s a little harder.

Ah yes, the stamina idea makes sense. Here’s the way I think I would do it. I would want to move as fast as possible and slow down when my stamina levels were dropping. Which would mean that it would make gameplay more straightforward if the default setting was the faster speed and then use the extra setting for when I needed to slow down.