Saving or Loading Problem

I want to load the value to the other scene but it is not working, is there other way to do this? or have i done something wrong?. i have done this already in the past but i dont know why it is not working now

please read from bottom to top, dunno why it is reversed :laughing:

If it doesn’t work, I can think of only two reasons.

  1. When you write the value make sure the variable (ok) name is correct and it is a number and a scene variable because the Variable() expression is trying to read a number from a scene variable. Also make sure the object names in the condition is correct so the value get saved.

  2. When you read the value, make sure the name of the variable (li) you try to load the value in to is correct, it is a scene variable and it is added to the scene variable list in the project properties because the Read value storage action is trying to read a number in to a scene variable and from my experience it is need to be added to the scene variable list to get it work.