Saving project sometimes works

Hello. Yesterday, I made progress with my project. Today, I open my project and all my progress from yesterday is gone. Nothing from yesterday has been saved. It’s like it went to a restore point from 2 days ago. This has occurred 4-5 times since first using G-Dev over a month ago. It’s not the same project that has this problem.

From yesterday, other progress made on my PC (Non GDev related) from yesterday is saved, so the issue seems to be concentrated in G Develop. I can’t think of any program crashes or anything unusual from yesterday occur.

I’m 100% positive I saved the project from yesterday a dozen times because I’ve become extremely cautious on saving because this issue has happened numerous times before. When saving, I’m clicking File > Save.

Even the recently opened list isn’t from yesterday. It’s from two days ago.

Besides this issue, G-Develop has been great and a lot of fun to use. Thank you for reading. Just thought it needed to be reported.

Sorry to hear that, I think this happened to me some time ago editing a very large project, I was helping a guy from here in the forum to find a bug.
GD projects are not sooo big, so maybe to avoid this you could make multiple backups (using “Save As” project_v1.gdg, project_v2.gdg, etc)?, at least one at the end of the day :slight_smile:

I’ve also found GDevelop to be inconsistent when clicking the Save icon and now check the date stamp on the project file before quitting the software - just to make sure it really did save.

Sometimes you get lucky and there’s an autosave file lurking around that got most of it.

If you open a new project at the same time you are working with your game it automatically begins to save that new project, even if you start editing your game. remember double click your game on project manager before start saving. If name of your project is not “blacked” in project manager it will not save the project.
Just saying that because I have been falled in that trap many times :laughing:

Thanks everyone for your advice. Jubeliuksen3, I admit I have done that before. lol. But this last time I am certain I closed the project out, then later on the same day I reopened the same project with no issues. But the next day, all progress was lost. It’s like the data sometimes gets hung up on the RAM and once I shut my CPU down, it’s goodbye saved data for G-Dev. It’s a mystery. I’m beginning to think it’s my computer because half of my computer stores data on a standard hard drive and other half with a SSD. Maybe their is a serious conflict with my drives.

I’ll be sure to triple check the timestamp and do backups. Thanks again!

It can be even worse. Gdevelop can open TWO TIMES the same project. XD

Had the same problem a lot as well, I lost a lot of files. But also often due to my own fault. Jubeliuksen3’, thanks for mentioning! Had that happen a few times as well but didn’t know about the double clicking of the game.