Saving projects online vs on disk

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. I am starting to have trouble with GDevelop when I am trying to just work offline. Sometimes it has trouble saving and loading my projects or loads them incorrectly without assets and it can take a very long time to do either operation. However, when I turn off my wifi it seems to do better.

Does anyone know what could be causing my issue? I really notice it more if I am connected to poor wifi connections, but one day I was trying to show a project I am working on at my work and I was a little embarrassed by how slow everything was going.

Back at home things were smooth and quick again. Now I do still occasionally put everything online and work on it with another computer if I don’t feel like bringing my USB around.

Sorry rereading this I think I might be a little confusing here. Even if I am saving to my disk it runs slow when I am connected to spotty wifi, that’s the weird thing. I would totally understand if I was saving online or showing an online preview and I was on a slow connection. I just figure if I am using project data from my system it shouldn’t matter what kind of internet connection I have.


Okay, I think this was actually a hardware issue, as it turns out a pen leaked ink all into my usb splitter and needs to be replaced now. The online save and the save to my hard drive both worked perfectly.

I think your PC runs a lot of background task when your internet is connected. Try disabling background tasks

Hey AnselGames, yeah that was one of the first things I was checking. It literally did end up being the usb splitter filled with ink on the inside. Super weird and I just never expected something like that. Thank you for the thoughts on the matter though and I hope your projects are going well!

Also try netlimiter. I use it to track what process is using much data in the background
More data in the background = More tasks running