Scene crash (4.91) (SOLVED)

Some (not all) scenes don’t load at all (stop at 97 or 99%), or game freezes when changing scenes. Not editor but preview, Chrome and FF.

Downgrade helped. Raally hoping for the new release working because of preloading images. Thanks.

You should try to clear the cache of your webbrowser (sometimes, the old JS files of GDevelop are used by your webbrowser instead of the new ones, causing a crash).

Actually I found the bug, and it’s not Mac-related.
GD copies the names of files into one “folder” (Images bank), even though files are originally in different folders. If two files have the same name it creates a new name with extension “.png2" and then ".png3” etc. They cause a scene to freeze.
Same goes for files without extension.
Somehow previous version of GD didn’t crash with them.

Solution is of course to name all files differently and clear Images bank of wrong extensions…