Scene order change renders in-game effects inoperable.?

if main menu is 1.
game scene is 2 = no work object’s effects
if game scene is 1.
main menu is 2. or deleted = all effects work in game.

note:( main menu scene no have effect or event)
what is problem?

You’re going to have to explain this a bit more clearly, maybe even show some events, if you want us to understand what you’re asking and what the conditions are that cause the issue.

For starters though, do the layers in scene 2 have the effects set (I’m making the assumption that you mean the object effects that you choose on the object settings tab)?

Share some screenshots of your layouts and events.


what is problem my brain stopped

bacgraund layer have a godray effect, and parallax events, and winterbackground.

Well I don’t know what could be happening maybe the zOrder, you can try to name the Effects then Call that effect name in the events too
Look my settings for Godray

And in events

You maybe want to name it better than Effect, just put a good name like MainGodRay or something, this way you ensure the effect is going to be active.

That is a very good question. I can’t seem to duplicatede it. However, I notice you have the effect on the layer named “Background”, but not on “Base layer”. Which layer are your tree and player objects on?

base layer. i made a new main scene. only a screenshot object , and change scene event used in main scene. . no problem now…

I’ve been off and on trying to reproduce this for a while, and I can’t seem to make this reliably occur.

I have one project where it occurs, but I can’t tell the source. Using the same effects and events in a new project doesn’t have the issue. However, I have found that giving the effects proper names (and not leaving them just as “Effects”) solves the issue.

@stonecastle Can you try renaming all of your layer effects to see if that resolves the issue?