Scene/Text issue in 4.0.92?

I have an issue with my font not changing to the selected one. So I tried deleting the “GDIDE.exe.Manifest” as someone suggested in another post.

But now I cannot see my scene. It always shows whatever was last shown in the window. I tried re-downloading Gdevelop and that didn’t help. I also checked my Graphics Card drivers and they said they were up to date. My game works fine if I click preview (But the font still doesn’t change) and I cannot edit the scene. Any suggestions?

(It’s an HTML5 game and this never happened until I updated my Windows 10 to the new Anniversary Edition. Could it be that?)

It’s probably your Windows 10 update that caused this. Check if your graphics card drivers are installed.

Okay after reverting back to the old update it fixed the scene view issue. :smiley:
Sadly the font still won’t display correctly in Chrome. It loads and looks fine in the Editor but the font is never right in my Browser. (I tried multiple fonts that I had used before and none of them are working now.) I still have the “GDIDE.exe.Manifest” file deleted. I also cleaned the Cache from Chrome as well.

I tested it out in Chrome, FireFox, and Edge.
(Oddly enough.) The font ONLY works in Microsoft Edge for some reason.
I tried with 4.0.92 and 4.0.91 and neither can display the Font except in Microsoft Edge.

What does the dev console of the webbrowsers display ?

I tried with FireFox and noticed that the font works if I refresh the page after the game loads.
I also noticed that the Examples work with Fonts, but not new projects.

Here’s the Chrome Console. (I hope.) I don’t use it often so I probably sent the wrong thing :blush:
(There are NO bunnies in this game. Not sure why it even says that.) :confused:

It’s just a cache problem then, not a bug with GDevelop.

I cleaned the Cache 3 times though, and reinstalled Chrome as well.
I guess I’ll just have to use FireFox or Edge as a workaround for now.

I didn’t understand that it wasn’t still working on Chrome. Can show me the “Network” tab the dev console ?

This strange “bunny.png” still seems to be in it. And labeled as a Text/Plain?
I don’t think I’ve ever had a bunny.png in any game I’ve made :confused:

The Font I’m using is right above the strange bunny.png.
I exported it and tried it on another computer as well and no still Font change.

c6e718603d399a26adc46f84894685d … 1aVU5TaXM/

You should be able to try out the game there. (Nothing but a simple text object.)

That’s not related to the bug. Anyway, the font is loaded by Chrome that tells the webserver that he already has it and doesn’t need (the webserver) to send it again to Chrome.

Okay I found out that my Fonts only don’t work in a new blank HTML5 project.
If I select a Template or use an Example my fonts seem to work fine. (The bunny.png is still there.)

So I’ll just have to start a new project. Select a Template and delete all the objects for now.
Not sure why the fonts don’t work in new blank projects though. I didn’t change anything. Just added a text object. :confused:

EDIT: After deleting everything in a template scene. The font still refuses to change. UGH! :angry:
Only if I leave it as it is will the font work correctly.

I’m testing custom fonts on Firefox, and even with a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5 here) the first time the font is never loaded, but after one or two simple refreshes (F5), the font was displayed correctly. Doing a hard refresh reset the font again, so is GDevelop that doesn’t wait the font to be loaded, as fonts are not an option for the resources manager yet. As the font is loaded just a bit late, creating a text object after the font is loaded set the font correctly, for example 3 seconds after the begining of the scene :slight_smile:

I added the font in the resources manager with the “All files” option and let GDevelop and PIXI.js automatic resources loaders do their magic, and voilà, the loading problem is solved. Only tested in my Firefox :smiley:

The only problem I’ve found so far is that setting the text as smooth just after creating it makes the object disappear, it seems that GDevelop doesn’t have the “SetSmooth” function for texts, as PIXI doesn’t have this option. But the ones from the scene (added in the editor) looks smoother and detailed :confused:

By the way, just commenting to stop this unfair hate around the poor bunny.png :laughing:
The bunny.png image, if I’m not wrong, is loaded by PIXI.js (the render engine used for web). I guess it’s just a test to check if something with the texture engine is going wrong. You can see that this bunny is used (for example) in this basic tutorial: