Scene Variables Returning Null (SOLVED)

I have come across a very peculiar behavior of scene variables in my project. I am using the browser version of Gdevelop on multiple browsers and OS(s). I have a scene variable that temporarily stores the ID of a joint so that an object can grab the variable in the next event. When the object tries to grab this variable, it returns null (0). In the debugger, logging ToString(thisValue) produces an empty bubble. What is interesting is that in the debug inspector, I can look at the scene variables and this variable displays the correct value. I would appreciate some help here.

Can you post a screenshot of the events? Are you adding or deleting any objects right before this in the same event? Sometimes it’s a timing issue especially if the events are subevents of each other.

To add to what @Keith_1357 has written, make sure the case of the variable name is the same. GDevelop is case sensitive, so a variable named score is not seen as the same as Score - the lower and upper case ‘S’ make them different variables.

Here you can see that I am adding a revolute joint between two objects. The output (jointID) of this revolute joint is set to tempSceneGeneral1. 2 events later, the object sets its own variable to tempSceneGeneral1 so that it can access its own joint. Under that, you can see a log that logs tempSceneGeneral1. This log always returns an empty bubble.

The highlighted log always logs 1, which proves that my logging system is not broken.

Revolute settings if needed.

Solution is to use Variable(sceneVariable)