Scores in Facebook instant games

I created a Doodle Jump style space shooter and I want to know how to create a scoring system for my instant game.

Check the actions to store the score of the player in a Leaderboard :slight_smile: They should be in the latest version of GDevelop.
You first have to create a leaderboard on Facebook in the settings of your game. Then you can save it using the action “Save player score”. Enter the name of the leaderboard and the score to save.

I will make a exemple for that, I have a good start, I’ll finish it this weekend.
It a good news for everyone :wink:

And voilà !

This example use Facebook Instant Game, you need use the documentation here for know how use this example.


I can’t publish for all my example game on facebook because FB ask a developer ID from Apple and i can’t do that i’ve no Apple product.
But the score system work, with a world leaderboard !
We can get name of player from FB too and this ID ! (136 KB)

Totally missed this! This is awesome!

Is it possible to add it to the list of examples? :smiley:

Yes you can

Hello guys. Thank you for your info.

I was wondering how Leaderboard should work? Because I followed the steps to build it. It should work but It not. Does my app should be LIVE ? or Published ? or it should work even in test mode?

Thank you for your answer.