Screen Flickering on Android Game

I have successfully exported my game to my android device however the game has this white fast flashing on screen at all times.
I dont know what the problem is, the game runs fine on my PC.
Screen Flickering footage

Are you using layer effects? Try disabling them and see if the problem persists.
Also try to play a web build of your game on your Android.

I cant play test on web because it loads for too long

Oh btw, Im not using layer effects

Do you use dialog function?

No, I dont even know what is that
And no, im not using it

Just to double check here: What android OS are you using?

I’m 99% sure the minimum requirement for GDevelop (and google play apps in general, at this point) is now API 30. This is Android 11. If you’re on an older version the API calls used may or may not function as expected.

Even ignoring that, I’m pretty sure (not positive) the minimum Canvas and WebGL rendering needed even before API 30 was API 28, meaning Android 9 and newer.

Im using an Android 7.0 OS

Ok so, since my phone is Android 7.0 then my problem wont happend on other phones with newer versions?

Can’t guarantee that since no one can reproduce your issue so far.

You might see if you can test on a newer android OS phone, though.