Screen messing up with beta101

Hello all.

I’m trying to make a very simple game all in one scene and I am having issues with the game screen messing up. This is when I get when I try to play the game on a mobile phone and similar issues also on an android tablet.

and sometimes I also get this screen:

This screen usually comes up when the count down has reached 0 and the game is stopped. This is how I’m stopping the game and asking the user if he wants to play again:

Is anyone else having issues with the screen?

Thank you,

I hope this wiki page can help you in a first place.

Thank you Bouh for he link.

I don’t think I pushed to hard on the resources for this game. I have a background image, about 500K and 10 sprite images about 5kbytes each and 2 fonts.

Do you think you can have a look, using an android mobile phone or a tablet with chrome, and see if the screen is also messed up in your case when the time out reaches 0? No need to tap on the ‘animals’ just let it expire and display the ‘Play again’ screen.

Here is the link to the game:

Of course, anyone is invited to have a go with the game!

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Hi Stelios!

I suppose that is the first time you have this problem so, no other game you ran had this issue. Right?
Have you test your game with the debogger? If yes, what did you see?
Generaly, i am very prudent with a loop as ‘Repeat’ which can, in some cases, slow down a game or a program.

Have you tried blowing on the cartridge? Seems like some of your pins have a contact problem. :smiley:

(Sorry, I can’t actually help with your problem, but it looks exactly like the graphics glitches I encountered in my childhood with bootleg NES games. It’s kinda nostalgic. :slight_smile: )

  • First you use an background image of 2048x1200 in a project resolution of 720x1280.
  • You use force action for move the background, there is a tiled sprite object for that. You can use the action “Image X offset”

The game work properly on my android phone.

Hello all and thank you for your input.

Amigo54, yes this is the first time that I got this problem and also the first time I use beta101 for a game. I checked with the debugger and also checked with chrome remote debug on the tablet and the mobile phone. I got no complaints on the console logs but I did see the glitch on the screen on the debug tool, so it wasn’t the tablet/mobile phone doing tricks.

zr1, yeap, I did. Didn’t work :slight_smile:

Bough, I have a big background because I slide the background during the game. Using force seemed to be the way to do it.

I am changing to a smaller ‘static’ background and having another go. I will update as soon as I find something.

Thank you,

Here is an update for this issue.

I didn’t manage to find a way to fix this issue, even when I using a smaller background image that wasn’t moving. Ending the game in combination using a single scene seemed to trigger this glitch in most devices. Using a separate scene for the ‘game over’ solved the issue.

Thank you everyone for your time and help!