Screenshot missing in a wiki doc

I was going through the tutorial "How to make a platform Game " and while I was following the steps to add enemies, I encountered this:

^^ A screenshot is missing after the rounded text. I have been following this tutorial, so maybe given below is the required screenshot:
cc: @4ian

I would have made the correction but the page is read-only, I don’t seem to have enough rights :wink: @4ian

Yea, in many pages, the images are not loading due to the resize option in the url, for example, :url:url:image.png?400. This ?400 feature is not working and thus breaking the images. I fixed a lot of documents with this kind of problem, but as you said, I can’t fix this one due to insufficient perms.

Fixed! Thanks for letting me know.
I’ve made these pages read only as they were modified by some users but quality was decreasing. If anyone want to improve them (needs a very good English level please :pray:), ping me :slight_smile:

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@4ian Maybe I can help :smiley:

@Nilarjun I’ve added you and @Bouh in a “confirmed” user group that can edit this page and others. Be sure to do only quality, proof-readed changes to these pages as they are read a lot :wink:


May I help in improving them? :grin: