Selection Bug with BitMap text

Hi everyone. I am making my game, a Pixel Perfect ones and I wanted to use BitMap Text. And while I was working on my project, I got this bug.
I tried to select other objects and the properties of objects which I want to select, their property appears in the property panel but the object itself doesn’t get selected.

Relaunching GDevelop fixed the problem but this is an issue going on with BitMap Text.

Sure this happens with BitMap Text and with Tilemaps too, just close the scene and reopen and is fixed I don’t know if any already report this as bug.

That means, this happens with both Experimental object. Maybe that’s why they are Experimental.

Well I guess the better way to add some feature that is bugged is just to well document the issues and that’s it, is now a new feature when really doesn’t work at 100% but is really needed by a lot of users.

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