[SELF RESOLVED] Help! I made a game but when I preview it it just shows that background!

I started a game yesterday, and it was working fine. I opened it up this morning…
previewed it… and there was only the blank background! I don’t know what happened, I didn’t change any code! Does anybody know what to do??
What the game’s supposed to look like:

The game when I preview it:

Maybe your camera is in wrong place?

Do you have it centered on player?

Yes, I have the camera centered on the player.

Next thing to check is z order of objects

Also i would create new scene just to check if there it works

Also what is this?

Ok, I just reloaded the project ( I was afraid to do so before because I have used GDevelop on the web before, and both times the files got ruined). It works now, so it must have been just a weird glitch. Thanks for your help, though!


I have no clue what that means

Its the symbol that shows up when you have a layer effect.