Selling art assets

Hello, i have about 50 to 100 art assets for games. Opening price at 50$ per hourly.

Is anyone interested?
Email or PM me for some samples.

Regards :slight_smile:

Why share samples privately?

You mean for custom assets? Is that USD? To make a nice and detailed art may take several hours, I don’t think anyone here is prepared to spend several hundreds of USD or even just 50 on a single piece of art :smiling_imp:

You may want to create a portfolio site to show some of your work you know with a transparent “SAMPLE” sign across and then you can use GumRoad or Itch to sell your staff and get paid.

Good luck.

Is there an error? Do you really mean 50$/ 1 hour? I have to win in eurojackpot to hire you :cry:

Even if it not an error, in my opinion it would be more realistic to agree on a price and a deadline and then deliver the work for that price agreed regardless how long it takes to actually produce the asset. After all, time is strongly depends also on the abilities and workflow of the artist and the tools the artist is using :wink:

Also need to consider that if the rights to the asset remain with the artist or given to the customer. In other words, can the artist share the assets you pay for also with 3rd parties in an asset pack or something and you can use it only in your game or you get all the rights with asset and you can do anything with it even sell it to 3rd parties if you want and the artist can not share it with 3rd party.

The only way 50 bucks / hour would be realistic in my opinion if all legal rights and ownership comes with it and I can sell it to third parties if I want to.

Yes that’s how it should be. And if there is $$/hour thing, first I’d like to see the art what artist has been made and how long it took to make it so I can figure out how much time it would take to make what I want. There is so much wrong about $$/hour thing that I just say that it’s not stupid who ask $$/hour, but the person who take that offer… That is the different story :stuck_out_tongue:

I respect artists and I hope I can pay someday to someone to make art to my game.

I prefer to work privately with my customer.
50$ is negotiable, it is relative to subject, but speaking of gdevelop, it does take quite some time to make something “custom”. So yeah, 50$ per hour for something custom. I have several other offers like bundle work and variety of things.
Again, need to discuss first.

I will share some work if anyone wants to email personally, so i know where and who has the samples.

I don’t use gumroad anymore. It is not very convenient.
You mean “stuff” or staff? Pardon me.


The $$ per hour thing is cost calculation.
It’s not so very popular discussion i guess.
Again, we can talk about this privately via email.
So we can outline the product and the project target, market prefernces, so on, bla bla. Basically to the best of both our profits with the most efficient planning and targeting.

You really need to share some samples publicly and have a portfolio site, why would anyone waste the time to contact you if don’t even know what to expect :confused:
You told you have some assets, why don’t you make an asset pack and sell it?

The problem with $$ / hour is that you might be slow and inexperienced with cheap inefficient free tools, why should anyone pay for your incompetence? Or you might be using very expensive tools require a subscription, why would anyone pay for the cost of using something like that? It makes no sense to talk about $$/hour when it is mostly down to you how fast you going to be, what tools you are using and how much it is going to cost. Nobody need half done assets, people not going to hire you for two hours, people going to hire you to get the job done… And again, in case the rights to the asset remain with you and I can use it only in my game, you can’t expect me to pay the full cost of producing the asset when you can legally go ahead and sell it to 10 more people. For 50$/hour I would expect to have full ownership and all legal rights to come with the assets but for small hobby projects that most people do here, I don’t think anyone would go down on that line.

Anyway good luck with your business :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you, I don’t like to talk about other people business, but if they are just samples you could share them, no?, at least three/four sprites or a small animation, maybe your “samples” are not very samples (300+ assests)? :slight_smile:

Okay to answer both of those question. It is gonna be very simple.

You all probably have enough idea where to find cheap assets, but as i said again, i am offerng something custom so you get to prototype something solid and close to final project. Rather than working around someone else’s template, you get to figure your final product along with the art you get from. :slight_smile:

50$perhour counts as you describe what you need. Sure something can take very long, some can take v fast. But gdevelop is not an art tool… it is an automation device.

It is not only the hourly that counts but also the modularity of the items. Prices then is relative to time required to solve the problem at hand. Ownership of the design os basically split as fairly… or do you also want to be the “artist” in credit?

Okay, i think i answered enough.

As you probably said “people” is a very wide market that is abstract to you, considering the project owner is basically you and I and whoever you bring. This pricing thing shouldnt be too serious… again, i invite for more discussion on my email. So we can make some cool project instead of bothering about the price ahead.

Cheers and see you.

Answering on forums get abit quizzy.
Take care and i look forward to your emails!

It is not about being the artist in credit but ownership of the final product but never mind.
I may going to need to hire an artist in about 2 months, but in case all you waiting for is emails and you don’t have an official page to show recent works, how am I or anyone supposed to know if you are still going to be active and alive… Should I just send an email and ask you if you are alive :smiling_imp:

You could come up with something on, or and if you really don’t wan tot share anything for free you could at least share concept arts, videos to advertise your self.

Anyway, I wish you good luck :slight_smile: