Send data on web

For m_dark :wink:

Hi 4ian,
I’ve recently test for sending data on web ( I use easyPHP to test PHP code). When I click on the link to watch scores or by going directly to the page view.php I have this message written.

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\Users\Pat\siteWebPat\pokemon\view.php on line 17

I’ve got just one data to send. Do you thing is the easyPHP ? The rest is good, the data is save in the datas.txt file.

Have you tried to modify the view.php page ?
I’ve never got such an error with this page…

Can you post the content of your config.php page ( without the password ) ?

Maybe it is worth a try to test with another program like WAMP ( or another version of php ).

There will be English post when English version is announced, I don’t care for it.

I’ll send you a private post for that

I’ve the version 5.3.0 of PHP
I try on another server and I don’t have this message, maybe my version is to recently.