Serious bug encoutered with Piskel earlier tonight!


I have encountered a rather serious bug when importing a spritesheet into GD5 with Piskel a few times tonight.

Basically, when finished importing and setting the correct size of each frame, the animation frames are seemingly imported fine. However, upon attempting to save after making changes in Piskel, all frames are copies of the last frame!

i have tried restarting GD5, running GD5 as an admin, recreating the animations before importing again, all have failed.

This is very annoying and should be looked into in my opinion. Older versions of GD5 did not do this on my end at all.

If you need screenshots, I can provide them ASAP.

Do you have a way to import the image without having to resize it in piskel? I ask this because it happens to me that when I resize an image, it is saved as a new file in the Assets folder with numerical names. Things like this have happened to me, including seeing images in the object animation that were never imported into that object (and not seeing them in the editor). I suggest you get the images ready to use (without having to resize them in piskel), rename them, and then import them to use directly in the animation, to see if that works.

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I use Piskel for pretty much everything and i dont usually have issues with it… other than the shot memory cache bug, where if you Ctrl+Z a few times in a row, Piskel will go black and your forced to close it and loose all progress…

Now as for the duplicated image in the Assets folder… think thats how its suposed to work.

When you resize, or do anything in Piskel, then save, you can hit the “Preview” on the object editor to launch the game and see the change… but if afterward your not happy and you exit the object editor without saving, the save you made on Piskel will be undone.

So i think untill you save on both Piskel and the Object editor, gdevelop will make a copy in case you change your mind.

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Thanks for the responses! It might be related to the fact that I am using the same names for animations with different objects in my current game due to how I am structuring my event code.

I can work around this problem by using this online tool, and importing the individual images manually for each animation instead of using Piskel for importing the entire spritesheet: Online sprite sheet cutter / splitter / decompiler