Setting up build environment on Linux

I’ve noticed that instructions both on site and in help.chm in SDK are windows-oriented. Can someone give me instructions for setting up extension development environment under Linux?

Can anyone help me? I know Floarian know how to do it, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to build linux versions of GD extensions. Can you give as simple instructions as you gave for C®a$hdows users?

I know it has been a while since your last message, but I’ve included a page in the SDK help file to explain how to setup the build environment on Linux.
The instructions are quite basic, the biggest “difficulty” is probably to build wxWidgets, but this passing this “difficulty” should be quite easy to achieve, there is only the need to do a “./configure, make, make install”.

Let me know if you try to setup the build environment and if something is not working.

Are wxWidgets headers enough, or do I have to build wxWidgets myself?

wxWidgets has to be built, use a terminal and do “./configure”, “make”, “make install” ( It is quickly explained in the help file ).

I do not use c::b anymore. I’ll write a documentation page about it. Basically:

-c::b projects are outdated, do NOT use them.
-only compile using cmake generated makefile. You van still ask cmake to generate a project file for your favorite IDE. Personally, I use Sublime Text with C++ plugins and it is awesome :slight_smile:
-Use only c::b projects to change dialogs generated with wxSmith.
-Any new dialog must be generated with wxCrafter (gdjs dialogs are made using this software).