Several bugs that I came across


I came across few bugs while working on my project. Some of the bugs only started happening after updating to the latest version 5.0.136.

Bug 1: Losing focus while editing variables in the variable instances tab. (v 136)
To reproduce, add a blank variable to a sprite by double clicking on it and going to the variables tab, then try to add a value to the variable from the variable instances tab. It loses focus after entering first letter / number. This got annoying because I have a lot of instances of the same sprite that I need to add different values for their variables.

Bug 2: Editing events directly from the events sheets sometimes stops working. (v 136)
I don’t know exactly when this happens and how to reproduce it. But this happened few times after spending some time working on my events, and I could only edit the events by double clicking on them or restarting GDevelop to get it working again.

Bug 3: Can’t get rid of anti-aliasing on panel sprites 9-patch.
To reproduce, create a panel sprite and apply camera zoom on the same layer. Even after choosing nearest sampling and unchecking smooth image in the resources tab, the sprite will still have anti-aliasing, while all other sprite types look sharp.


Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:
I believe the last one is a known bug that still needs to be fixed.
But the first two bugs may have been fixed in the latest version, could you try again with v137 and let us know?

Hi @Gruk,

I already updated to v137 few days ago, and the 2 bugs are still there :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thanks for confirming.
I found the bug reports, you can check there for progress if you wish:
1 - Focus loss

2 - Inline editing

3 - 9-patch antialiasing

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