Shadow position does not work with 3d objects

Whenever I adjust the 3d box’s Z position to below or above , the shadow remains at the same Z position. Any help? :frowning:

Anyone? :frowning:

They (3D Box and Light obstacle) just don’t work together, I think. A 3D box object has 2D data to work in the scene, and is rendered in 3D with some extra data (the Depth, Z position, Yaw, Pitch and Roll). The extra data to make it 3D is not taken into account by the Light obstacle behavior, it just read the 2D data (X, Y, width and height) to cast the shadow :neutral_face:

The most interesting thing I can do is this: (3.98 KB)
It is a 2D shadow around a 3D box in function of the Z position and light distance. It’s impossible to do, for example, a shadow projected over a surface different than the scene background plane, which makes it a 2D shadow :wink: