Shadow run - Action RPG is on Google Play now

We are back with yet another game, This time it’s RPG, Yes Action RPG with the endless runner twist made in Gdevelop

Our new game on Google Play is live Play “Shadow run - Action RPG” now
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About game
‘Shadow Run - RPG,’ where a lone hero races through a world shrouded in darkness, pursued by the eternal shadow of the Soul Reaper. Each stride transforms impending doom into echoes of an epic saga, as the hero uses ethereal prowess to obliterate encroaching darkness.

Some graphics of our game :

Endless Running: Traverse a dark forest full of mysteries in an endless run.
Dynamic Combat: Unleash Sword Slash and gun shot attacks to dominate evil creatures.
Obstacle Avoidance: Run and jump to navigate through challenging environmental obstacles.
Mythical Narrative: Immerse yourself in a legendary saga where every step contributes to an epic myth.
Power-Up with Potions: Collect potions to heal and enhance your hero’s abilities.

Please share your feedback and feature suggestions to want to see in the game, we are developing more featuring in our first update which is coming very soon.

We are excited to know what you think about the game!
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Enjoy playing!
Thank you!
TimeSpace team


These art looks very AI-generated

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Im now 100% sure these art are AI-generated

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Yes! We generated some AI artwork for the promotional and marketing purposes of the game. We edited the images quite a lot to suit the theme and mood of our game.

This is normal for the marketing purpose, we are not claiming that this is the in-game graphics.

Maybe try to make simple art that is created by yourself, since the editing definitely doesn’t make the art more logical, you guys make some good 3D art, so it wouldn’t be hard to create some 2D assets for your game. also try not to use too much bloom effect since that hurts the preformence drastically.

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Thank you for the feedback, we actually look for the critics like this. To improve the game. no one haven’t bring it up. So this is new learning for us.
We will definitely consider put your feedback in effort. Thank you for time.