Sharing my new horror game, its free and online, TRY IT !!!

Hello everyone, i´m here to share my cretion on GDevelop IDE, follow the link:

Thanks and have fun… :unamused: :mrgreen: :smiling_imp:

Thank you for sharing, sadly I wasn’t able to play it so long, I was only able to play it for 3 seconds.

I was like, when it started “oh”
Then after a few seconds when you are about close to turning left (upon sighting the key), that thing and the audio popped out, instant close of the browser;
gave me nightmares.

“suspicious” indeed :stuck_out_tongue: I knew what to expect, still after about 4-5 randomly timed jump scares I lost interest in playing. I think you have a decent idea, but it needs to be implemented a little more carefully for the best effect.

This almost gave me heart attack