Shoot Zombies (chapter 1)

Shoot Zombies (chapter 1)

Play this post apocalyptic shooting game. After many years of fallout world looks deserted. Free to play. Play on PC and mobile.




I like your drawings.
Justin a question:how do you manage the loading during the game?

I am not a fan of this sort of game but i can say you used the right sounds and musics for your game.
It’s a good start!

:grin::grin::grin: Its not real.

you are a genius

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Shoot Zombies (Multiplayer beta)

​Play this multiplayer (peer to peer) game. A sequel of shoot zombies. The multiplayer is in beta phase.


One needs to click create and other should click join. The creator will get id and joiner have to fill it. Then click connect twice or thrice.

Have fun. If you like share a snapshot of your high score here.

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