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Im having a bit of trouble bringing my project to life as the physics in the game are atrocious i cant even give a bottle physics to tip it over or throw it everyhtings so static even if i wanted ot make say and angry birds type game there is no behaviors to make that possible your so limited to platformer or like 3 other types of games being creative and tinkering is just no where in the engine i struggle to find a way to make things bounce or throw as the Physics engine 2.0 is completely useless everything is fixed static nothing is dynamic the Big issue is Stencyl offers sooo much more in Gdevelop if you hit the search for behaviors section half of the categorys are ocmpletely empty like The section Slide you click it its empty lol i cannot continue with this trying to find incredibly complex workarounds for incredibly simple things like throwing object

Just to check, did you have a question?

Numerous things in your post are unfortunately inaccurate or misinformed, but we can’t really help unless you actually ask a question.

To provide some detail:
“Physics engine 2.0 is completely useless everything is fixed static” is false, There are 3 different modes for physics options, dynamic, static, and kinematic. It is up to you on how to use them.

“The section slide is completely empty”, there isn’t an example or extension listing that has “slide” as an option, nor is there an action or condition section named “Slide”, so we can’t really give you guidance on what you’re looking for.

“even if i wanted ot make say and angry birds type game there is no behaviors to make that possible” is false, the physics engine 2.0 behavior allows for this, there’s even an example built into the engine that is 80% of the way there (Cannon ball with physics).

Wishforge also shows you had to do an aiming style system in some of his tutorials, which are directly linked and visible in the engine when you access the Physics Engine behavior, but here’s a link to one. Add Aim Feature in GDevelop 5 - Physics Engine Tutorial - YouTube

If you have a more specific question, we may be able to help more.


TO do that i would need to be able to stretch a rubber band to launch the ball per say like a slingshot . And maybe your experience is much more or i have a big or little to non but i mean this was easy to do in unity even When i add dynamics to sprite it’s completely fixed in oneplace and renders the platformer plugin useless as you cant move but anytime i put it to static everything works fine I made the anchor point to where when i jump or fall i should flip or w.e it may be but i cant do that unless its dynamic and the dynamic setting locks everyhting up

Sounds like you’re probably doing it wrong. Most things can be done with the limitations that GDevelop has, it just requires a bit of thought, and maybe a different approach to what you’re used to.

And please use punctuation in your posts. It’s a tad difficult to work out what you’re trying to get across when the sentences run into one another.

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No, you really don’t. I gave you a link to a video tutorial that shows you how to do touch/click based drag aiming. It’s also linked directly in the engine in a few different places.

The other video tutorials linked directly in the engine on the physics behavior tells you how to set up platforms and movement using the physics engine.

Both of these are right at the top of the physics behavior.

The tools and training for the methods you’re attempting are directly available in the engine.

Please utilize them and come back after completing both tutorials provided with specific questions, and we can help out more.

At this point you’ve made numerous statements that don’t match with reality of what is possible in the engine, nor match with what exists in the engine (there is no slide section in extension, for instance), and ignored the information I provided in my previous post.

We want to help and believe this account is in good faith (and not a troll account), so please use the fantastic tutorials from Wishforge linked in the engine, and feel free to come back with questions.

If this isn’t in good faith, the thread will be closed and the account removed from the forums.


Then don’t use it. You’re not obligated to use a free program with tons of options, just because you don’t like it.

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