Should I make a big change to my game?

I was pleased with the game I made for Fireside game jam considering I was sick and how much time I had to work on it, and also learning stuff.
But since then I have been thinking of small improvements I could and should have made and I have already started implementing some of them… this leads me down a path where I think of where the game could go -if for nothing else, then just for me to learn and get better…

One Huge question: In my game the player stands on the right side and shoots to the left… should I reverse this having the player on the left shooting right?

It’s a fun idea and that’s good you’re working with it still. I don’t think there’s any need to reverse it though. Do you mean to give the player a choice and just reverse everything or to have the player out in the yard but still have the house on the right?

But for me, I wanted to be able to go forward and attack, rather than be confined to the doorstep. And is that red thing that comes in from the sky a bird? It was too quick to see but I felt like it came in too quickly and there was no chance to avoid it. It maybe was a rocket? But if it was a bird, it could come in slower and eat my apples, leaving me defenceless.

Thanks for feedback.
I am starting with optimizing the things I already have now before I add new features. One of them being adding “feel” to the game. The particle system i Gdevelop is not giving what I want so I have to find where to get it.

But I have noted your wish not to be confined to the house :slight_smile:
I also need to do something about the doctor in the tree. It is actually a syringe he trows at you.

The reason I am thinking of flipping the gameplay, is if I down the line want to make it to a mobile game. Is having player movement controles in the lower right corner and using left finger to throw apples an okay design you think?

That’s a good question and which a variety of people answering would be best. I think I would find it more intuitive to move with my left thumb and throw with my right thumb. But that’s my perspective and comes mainly from playing PUBG mobile. It has customisable controls, but the move with left thumb is their default. But I don’t think the layout of your house and yard should affect your decision on this. To me, it’s a separate thing but maybe other people will have different opinions on this.