To further expand on my previous topic, I want to make a game where the character will continue walking and not fall off. Someone mentioned making invisible sprites that, when collided with, would turn the character around, but I don’t know how. Please help (examples are appreciated)!
the character walks around the platform without falling off.png

I’ve had a quick play using the basic platformer as a template and while it’s not flawless, it does let the player run around a platform in a clockwise direction. Controls are arrow keys and shift to jump.

You’ll need to run it in native mode as there seems to be a bug in the HTML5 version where the left shift button is ignored when platform behaviour is off. It works with other keys.

It’s just the .gdg file attached, so put it in your GDevelop>Examples folder after downloading it, so it can find the standard graphics.
Basic platformer with sticky platform.gdg (54.6 KB)

Thanks! I’ll tell you if there are any issues.

The player isn’t sticking to the walls :frowning: :confused:

It’s only the brown floating platform he’ll stick to, not the grey one he starts on. If you jump onto the floating brown platform and walk off the right-hand end he should stick.