Simple following AI

I am trying to implement an enemy that follows the character similar to pac man. At the moment I have a couple of extensions on the sprite these are Pathfinding, PixelPerfectMovement and TopDownMovement. As the game is built on a grid and the movement is rigid i.e. the player only moves at 90 degrees and moves one cell at a time, I would like the AI to follow this pattern. However so far I have only been able to get the AI to follow the player but I can’t get it to stick to the grid. It also doesn’t seem to want to path find around the walls I have set up and instead just runs into them and slides along them. These are my events that I currently have set up;

Have you tried the “linked objects tools” behavior. It took me a bit to understand it but once I did, it’s fairly easy.

This is an example using isometric but it also uses a standard grid using the same technique just a different link setup event.

I can share my regular grid project but I’m not at my PC. The tiles don’t have to be visible for it to work.