Simple Virtual Pet Game

This is a project I put together for fun, it’s very rough but I thought it maybe helpful for others to learn from. (341 KB)

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Hi, Spintron15

I really want to check your Simple Vertual Pet Game project, but it’s not working. I’m using Gdevelop with Windows 11. Would you please help me. I’d appreciate that sooo much!

Hey Edu,

I made that with the old version of GD, I will try to update it and re-upload. Thanks.

I updated the project files you can try it out at Virtual Bird | Play on I left it as is.

Hi Edu, you could download an old GD from here as these versions are from the time of spintron15’s project.

Page 15:

Hi, Bubble

I downloaded the old version and Norton bloked all its files!

I restored all of them but it still not working!

I press the bottom to run the project but nothing happens!

Would you please convert it to version 5?,

I guess its the only version working here! I really want to learn with your example.

Please help!

Once again thanks for reply. :wink:

Did you play Spintron15’s liluo link to see if the example is helpful to you? (Check the edit update in Spintron15’s reply above)

When you opened the project in the old GD could you see the events? I don’t believe a conversion to GD is possible.

Anyway, I downloaded The virtual pet file you want is called VirtualBird.gdg. It opened for me, I was able to look at the events and preview it. And just so you know, the preview opens in your browser, not GD.