Sites where I can find material?

hello, as by title someone knows sites where I can find (both free and paid) graphic material for games? I’m particularly interested in “drawings” in vector graphics, or cartoons. There are so many pixel art :slight_smile:

Thank you all!

P.S. If someone wants to collaborate to develop my idea, it’s fine :slight_smile:

P.P.S. I hope it’s the right section, otherwise I delete and ask elsewhere :slight_smile:


I saw this in a topic a few weeks ago. I didn’t use it myself. But i think it’s a good platform for game art.

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First, thank you for the answer!
yes, I know it, but it’s full of pixel art, it’s there’s little vector graphics and/or cartoons :frowning:

I used for some videos that i made. There is alot of vectors there. I think you could find a lot for games there also.

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Thank you very much!
if you can think of something else you’re welcome
If you chiscpers another a ringer you’re apleasure :slight_smile:

There’s actually a large list of free resources on the wiki Resources [GDevelop wiki]

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it’s not very complete though…

I don’t think we’ll ever compile a complete list of everywhere you can get free resources. :smiley:

I was providing it as a starting point, and because any new resource locations should definitely be added to the wiki (Keep in mind anyone can add to the wiki, you just need to register).

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mmm great idea, I would propose to make a list, and then to ask an admin to add everything :slight_smile:

Did you even read the previous posts? There is already a list and literally everyone can add links to it.