Slight glitch - error during preview

The error pictured below occurred for me, and these were the steps that led up to it and worked around it.

I was returning to edit a game that was left open from the day before. The computer had been in sleep mode. The page was open before the computer was put to sleep.

The first I noticed the problem was when I was notified I needed to log back on after doing about 10 minutes of editing. After logging back on, preview would produce the error for any games I had. Scene and Events editor seemed to continue to work fine.

I exited the webpage but the problem persisted.

After completely closing all Chrome sessions and then returning to the page, everything had corrected itself.

So not really a problem. But just thought you’d like to know of the anomaly. I’ll post again if the same occurs again.


Thanks for the report! I uploaded a new version last evening and I think it is related: as the server needed to reboot, you have been asked to log in again.
After doing that, everything including preview should have been working though.

Thanks for the info.

It’s a bad habit of mine leaving my session logged on over days of inactivity.

It’s been running fine now.