(SLOVED)Object Not in place!

So i Am making a 3d game with a stamina bar at the edge of the Screen but when i preview it is not in its place i dont have any event including the stamina bar and I even tried changing screen options in project menu please help

The bar is not changing its place, but the game screen changes size to fit the wider display, so you get empty space on the right side.

You can try the anchor behavior and anchor it to the right.

Or add an action at the beginning of the scene to change its x position to: CameraBorderRight(“its-layer”) - bar.Width()

Nope no need anymore but still thanks. I didnt have the .json with in my game files which made some of the objects glitch. And no i had it in fullscreen and it was still like that and i changed the setting to no change in resolution but still same problem but no need to worry because its fixed.