Slow collision process

Hey GDevs, :smile:

The bug i found is :
– If A Collides with B / Once while true => delete Object.

So this happens, if the Collision is happening with Same instances of the Object, it get stuck. so i need to move away and back in to delete the Other ones.

I get the feeling, that the “While true” stays active for all instances. there are maybe ways to work around this. But i prefer no to do so.

What does your code look like

if you “shoot” bullets wich fly tru does damage.
if the Object creates bullets so fast, that there are multiple bullets inside the Object, the while True gets stucked.

Then maybe don’t use trigger once. If the action deletes the objects then it can only delete them once anyways because they won’t exist in the next frame.

I don’t believe there’s a bug.

If you’re saying

Frame 1 bullet in collision
Frame 2 another bullet in collision
Frame 3 another…

The trigger once is never reset. Meaning true, false and then true again. IMO, It’s working as intended.

Yes, the trigger once is for the object not the instances. I believe there was talk about a trigger once for instances. Otherwise you could use something like an instance boolean variable to track things.