Smooth camera extension not in actions list

Hi, this is a bug for me but not sure if it affects everyone. I first noticed it a long time ago, maybe a year, but wasn’t so familiar with things then.

The Smooth camera extension doesn’t appear in the Camera list for actions. But if I search for it, then I can see the actions. But I want to be able to see them all in a list just like the other extensions. I get the same results in older projects too. And I checked through the other camera sections like Layers and cameras, but not there either.

I checked on Linux with the AppImage and Flatpak versions as well as the online editor (modifiying one of the GD examples). Same same same.

This shows Smooth camera is not displayed in the Camera section

Then when I search for ‘smooth’ all the actions are there and clearly showing that they are in the ‘Camera’ section but the only way to access them seems to be through searching.

This seems to be an ongoing bug for me but wouldn’t someone else have noticed it if it’s not just a me thing?

I’m not familiar with the extension but it looks like it’s a behavior. The settings are under the object it’s assigned to.

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Oh my goodness, that’s it haha. Thank you.

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