Sneak Peek ---- Kendrick and the Sword of Destiny

Hi there guys !

It’s been a while since I gave an update about my new game …so I thought I’d make a short trailer clip. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Feel free to give some feedback on how I can improve on the game.
PS ! I will be releasing a playable demo very soon…

Please excuse the sound…I have a sh***y screen recorder.

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I see the video and want to play it. Your game looks like a cool early-mid 90’s videogame (it remembers me the first Diablo graphic style). Hope there gonna be lots of dungeons and puzzles. For sure, I’m gonna be looking forward for a demo.

An advice: make the castle sprite bigger, currently it looks like it’s the castle of the dwarf empire (even if it’s a figurative style for game purpouse). It would be nice to see Kendrick showing up at the gates of a huge bricks wall (even if we can’t see the entire castle), or showing up Kendrick at the top of the castle, fighting flying monsters, before reach the edge and jumps to ground, falling during a while (with some dust and trembling effect when stomping the ground… hooray!), showing the massive size of the castle.

A tip: I was recently dealing with parallax scrolling and discover if the parallax effect is added into the Y axis as well, at a superior speed of the parallax scrolling for the X axis of the same layer (1.2, 1.5 or twice), the game flow will look a lot more dynamic and fun. Here is a video of my current project, at this point in the video you can see some Y-parallaxing effect:

Hi there erdo-dp !

Thanks for the advice …I really appreciate your input. You are correct the castle needs to be scaled up,and I will be looking into the parallax scrolling to. This is why I love this forum…you always get good advice and honest opinions from people . Once again thanks for the input ! I will be keeping you up to date on when I will be releasing the demo.

Cheers :smiley: