So much excited

I can’t wait for the next gdevelop update with multiplayer <3

GDevelop roadmap

The PR has not been merged yet, maybe it will be in one more version. Multiplayer may be a bit missleading game as it doesn’t adds idk a behavior you attach to an object and bam you have multiplayer, it only adds actions and conditions to connect some games instances via p2p and send/receive data.

Note also that it is not suitable for multiplayer focused games, as it cannot connect to more than 250 (or 500 depending on the browser) game instances at once, the best use case is for adding a sort of LAN play option and the worst use case would be a MMO game.

while we are on that topic,
has anyone here any expirience with smartfoxserver?

I have none but looks interresting. You will probably want the free server, client library, and api documentation:
SmartFoxServer: massive multiplayer game server for Flash, Unity, HTML5, iOS and Android games, MMO, virtual worlds and communities (server)
sfs2x-api - npm (js client library)
Home (js client documentation)

It looks very interesting, maybe I’ll do an extension for it too later, tho its API is HUGE and it would take months to wrap it all.

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you are correct good sir :smile:

Be careful tho when using the free server you need to:

good catch. i´ll keep that in mind.

you would be a hero, my children will sing songs about you :smile:

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