So, this is the thing...

GD vs GD:
If you don´t understand what I mean, it´s about t G Develop vs Godot engine.

As soon as I met Godot was really impressive his features, its features actually (almost) beat to unity, but even being the unity engine for begginners, it was a hard engine. You can´t do anything without programming. And I know somebody could say is like Python and is easy to learn, but I feel there are more concepts behind everything else that I has no answer or even sense till you do it. So I moved a month ago to G Develop. An engine with the same UI than Construct 2 but free and the export features. It was amazing start with it, but now I feel it is missing really important features like sound support on mobiles, exporters support (specially Android), UI smoothness is almost dead, etc.

It has future but for now I feel like I am wasting time in a “beta” instead of spend time on programming. So I will learn Python and then see if I understand the unknowed code concepts behind the engine.

This is not good bye, this is just learn something till the engine works properly.