Software around GDevelop?

Want to know which kind of software the community is using around GD to create awesome games.

I’m using for MacOS.

Story/Mockup: Miro
Sprites: TexturePacker & Piskel
Sound/Music: WavePad Audio Editor & GarageBand
Custom SVG: Lnkscape
Image: Pixelmator Pro
Code: VSCode
Code Version: Sourcetree & Github

looking forward for some cool tools.

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I am only using the tools provided by GDevelop in the editor

I tried using A.I to generate “duck” game assets using A.I…

I keep a list of mainly free (or freemium), web-based creativity tools here (many of could be useful to creating games)


that sounds very interesting!

I used a lot of Midjourney AI to create different platform sprites as well as tree and plants. It works really well after some adjustments.