[SOLVED] 200 seconds or more to count only 60 (For Countdown Timer)

Is there some time format or expression or whatever to have like 120 or 200 or even more secs
But to display it only in 60 sec?
I already know i can divide 120 by 60 and that will give me minutes
Now i need from that 120 secs to give me only value of 60 sec each time
So like if i have that 120 secs it will count 60 secs two times
Or if i have 125 secs it will count 60 two times and additionally 5 secs

And i don’t want to use extension
I guess floor expression would do the trick but i have no general idea how to use it in this case

Do you want to show the number in seconds, but only up to 60? Then mod will do the trick:


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My god and i used mod expression in other places and did not connect the dots to use it for this
Bless you MrMen

I was making countdown timer for other user and well thx to you here it is