[Solved] 250 standard or custom connections limit?

I want to know if the limit of 250 connections that the documentation says for the peer to peer network is imposed by the gdevelop engine (some internal configuration of them for some reason) or if I use a custom server can I have a larger number of them?

The limitation is not imposed by GDevelop, it is because the p2p extension is implemented on top of WebRTC, a technology supported by most browsers. We use it since GDevelop aims to be have all games be as compatible as possible with browsers. There is technically no fixed limit in the WebRTC specification, but those limits are added by the implementations to protect you from abusive website that could use that to crash your connection or overload your PC. For example, in chrome, they limit WebRTC connections to 500. Some other implementations limit it to 256. Since 256 seemed to be a more common one, we have warned that you may experience problems after that number of connections. There is no bypass of this, it’s a security feature developed by the talented engineers who made most browsers (google, mozilla, apple) after all.

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Thanks for answering ! I understand why but when developing something that needs more connections it is also necessary to put something in to ensure that they are all legal. Any authentication or security system that depends on the developer who wants a game with more players online. it’s up to him to make sure his game is safe is what I think.

taking advantage of what you answered is there any way I can get but connections or if I try gdevelop internally for security it won’t allow?

As mentioned above, this has nothing to do with GDevelop. It has to do with WebRTC implementation by PeerJS and limits of Electron or other browsers.

You could try to go higher, but it is likely to not work for numerous reasons (one of which being how Peer to Peer works in general, each additional client adds their own lag to each other client, so getting that high is unrealistic to be playable, the other of which is limits of WebRTC imposed by browsers, not GDevelop)

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I understand that gdevelop has nothing to do with this. That it’s a security issue and now with what you - @Silver-Streak said, I understand that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Thanks I’m trying to get this tropico solved.

ps: Do you know if you can load an external library? I didn’t find a way to do this.