[SOLVED] 3d extension separation

specifically the top of the box (in a 3d view) is the problem.

Events of the action:

before i start, i will answer what the behavior expression “fallingSpeed” is for, it is the speed of falling. and i have that expression used so the player gets picked up at the height of the speed, otherwise. the player will go right through it if fast enough. and the problem only gets really bad if its high enough, but i want the extension custimizable. but anyways the problem is that the player gets picked up to the top of the highest cube that is under the number of the falling speed. i want it to only pick the cube that is lower than the player.

i also use the “for each object” for the cubes. and if i dont basically the opposite thing happens. it picks the lowest cube that has a Z position thats less than the falling.