[Solved] Accessing a child

Sorry I am a beginner. I am unsure how to implement what you mentioned above. Would you be able to show this to me in Gdevelop?

Those are sentences of action, you can just search for the words in them inside the action selector.

Where did you find this line in Actions?

Forget it! It’s a condition!

I ended up having these events. But not working on me. I’ve changed my structure to an array as well.

You don’t need to repeat condition.

It worked! Although when there’s no more index on the array it spits out zero. how do i fix that?

Also. I want to add an answer to validate for each question. I was using an object variable for the answer before but now I’m creating the questions using array i’m not sure how to do that.

This code reduces your children by 1 each time you click, but it doesn’t avoid to repeat the questions.

this is supposed to work, but it doesn’t.

The last 3 event are not inside the while and repeat

My bad, because I messed my code, but it doesn’t work even inside .