[SOLVED] Animation end just when the last image is displayed

I suppose that it is the expected result, but when there is an animation that is not very fast, for example, it changes the image every 10 frames. I have noticed that the animation ends, using the condition “The animation of ____ is finished”, in the frame that shows the last image of the animation, but it does not seem correct to me since I have selected that each image last 10 frames . Am I wrong? shouldn’t it wait 10 frames on the last image to consider the animation finished?

This may seem irrelevant but when you want to link animations to each other, the effect does not look good because there are missing images. I understand that if the image lasts only one frame then it will not be drawn in that frame if I change the animation to another, but I mean when the animations have images that last more than one frame, then all the images should be drawn

To add some clarity: When you set up a sprite with an animation, you set up an animation frame delay time. This is the is time between frames, not time per frame.

Your last frame has no frames after it, so there is no additional wait after the last frame is shown. If you’d like to add one, a simple fix is to duplicate the last frame in your animation.

This is how the engine is designed, and is how many other engines are as well. I have some more detail in this thread:


Very good explanation and indeed the solution is to duplicate the last image. Thanks :slight_smile: